Thursday, January 28, 2010

An update...

Sorry it's been over a week. The rains, the lazy days and the much needed rest took my time. But here it is in some detail...

Tuesday - My second day of rest. Chuckie wanted three full recovery days. So what did I do? I got an amazing massage, got the truck fixed (it was overheating) and read!

Wednesday - My final day of 'rest'. Because of the rain, I rode the indoor trainer very easy for 30-minutes and did an easy 30-minute treadmill run.

Thursday - Back at it! The rains were coming down hard so I opted for an indoor ride. It was very hard to get my head and body working together. After three days of nothing, the blood is very thick. I managed to get in 2hr57minutes of ride time broken up in 4 hours. I had to mentally get my head on straight. My power was low indeed but this is expected after three days of rest.

Friday - There was a break in the clouds and I ran early for 1hr20 and had a sold hard power swim of 50x50s with paddles and gear. I ended the day with another run (albeit short).

Saturday - Double swim day with some easy x-training between. Since I didn't swim much this week, we opted for one hard power session and one longer session. The AM main set: 50s and 25s by 500 with 100 easy between. The 50s and 25s were with paddles only.

Sunday - Aerobic run on the track! I felt like I was racing even though my HR didn't show it. It was a hard one, albeit short. After an easy spin to flush the legs, I was back on the feet for an easy jog in the evening just as the sun was setting.

Monday - Finally, a full-day outside! I busted a move on the bike for 4 hours by myself with the I-pod. A solid workout with a solid power output.

Tuesday - Rain and more rain had me indoors again on the cross-trainer and an easy 30-min spin to flush the legs again. (The pool was closed).

Wednesday - I felt dead all day - a much needed rest day. I ran a slow sloth-like jog in the am for about an hour, spun the legs out on the bike and ran again in the afternoon for 30-minutes. I was on glycogen depletion because of a no 3-day carbohydrate diet. I ended it with an easy 2k flop.

Today! - I met up with the crew and did a strength session in the pool. I just finished a moderate ride outdoors in the sun. It's here to stay I think! Knock on wood!

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