Friday, February 5, 2010

The last 3 days

Wednesday - Easier day. I ran easy for about an hour, rode the bike for an easy spin of 2-hours. No swimming today.

Thursday - 2k TT in the pool! I beat my time by 27 seconds! Later in the day I did an aerobic effort indoors (raining a lot) for an hour. Solid numbers on the Powertap!

Friday (Feb 5) - I woke up very tired and groggy. I haven't been sleeping too well as of late. Coach and I headed out later in the day in the mud and muck. I ran a slow sloth jog for 2 hours. We started wet, and ended up drenched! A quick 1k in the pool to flush the legs and prepare for tomorrow!


  1. I was following your blog for a while and was interested in your training. How come you've stopped posting?

    - Mike

  2. Yea, sure has been quiet in these parts....