Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan 6- 9th!

Days ROLL BY FAST!!! Wow! This year is already 9 days gone!

Jan 6 (Wednesday) - After our hard ride yesterday, I was up early (as I am most days) and ready to get the day started. I waited for CV and we headed out for a run (him on the mountain bike). I ran for just over an hour at a moderate pace (nothing too special). This was then followed by a super mellow spin on an old mountain bike I have here. Later, we headed to the local track for a short run and a flop in the pool. A flop that was much-needed!

Jan 7 (Thursday) - Easy ride day (2 hours or so), hard swim session with the group with some Base Pace work (MS: 5x200s, 4x200s, 3x200s, 2x200s, 1x200 at Base Pace with 50 recovery between), and hmm, a lot of lazy-ing around.

Jan 8 (Friday) - Moderate-easy swim with some light paddle work, Longer run session out at the local Kalyra Winery, super easy 1-hour spin (SUPER EASY), and ended with a short run (very easy shuffling) in the late afternoon on the local track.

Jan 9 (Saturday) - AWESOME DAY with the crew! H/T and I had a great moderate-base pace swim with some strength intermixed (MS 10x100s all gear, 8x125s at base-pace, 6x150s all gear, 4x50s sprint). We then got ready for a longer ride session (4:30 or so)with some cruising behind Trevor's wheel and climbing. It was a great day all told. I don't think I finished re-fueling yet! I'm still munching on whatever I can find!

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