Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 10th - 12th

Sunday - On the track with the crew. We did a sub-maximal aerobic run test. I clocked in a solid 9 miles (albeit slow). Later that day I had an easy spin to the gym on tap, a flop in the pool and a short x-trainer session to loosen up the legs. A solid day after Saturday's epic ride!

Monday - Strength day in the pool with all the gear to boot! We used paddles, buoy, band and a small dolly inner tube. Main set was 2400y of pulling broken up into 150, 100, 50. Today was a solid rest day with a long (2-hours) mid-afternoon nap and a super mellow 30-minute cruiser ride on the mountain bike.

Tuesday - A hard swim day with broken 150s as the main-set. The workout is 75 HARD on 1-min, 50 MOD on 1-min and 25 ALL-OUT on 1-minute. We did this 8 times. My hard 75 at best today was 53. I mustered through the workout with determination and maintained it (although I didn't get any faster throughout).

I then met up with Heather and Trevor, with Chuckie on the motor bike for some strength intervals on the back-side of the Fig. I LOVE LOVE LOVE climbing and could have done this until sunset. Chuckie stopped us after three. I was a bit disappointed because I was getting in a solid groove. (Coach knows best I guess.) Later in the day, I headed down for a quick X-trainer session again to mimic run mileage without the pounding!


  1. What X training do you do that mimics runnings? Thanks for the help and keep up the training!