Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Last few days

Jan 2 - Easy ride, and a longer run effort - all easy to keep the knee healthy.

Jan 3 - On my own today. I went for a great 3:55easy spin to let the knee get to 100% for the coming week of training. I had a great swim with 2k at base pace.

Jan 4 - Monday! I love Mondays because it's the start of a new week. We woke up early and had a great swim practice with a 1k TT. I swam my fastest yet! :) This was very inspiring to me. But I have to get faster....a lot faster! I then had an easy spin around the valley here and a light flop/stretch. Oh, and I mustn't forget the 45 minutes easy run.

Jan 5 - Early morning swim with the MS: 500 moderate, 5x50s at 90%, 5 x25s HARD. This was repeated twice. It was a moderate swim but solid. Total 4k or so. We then met up with Heather and Trevor and I had an awesome ride with the crew (Chuckie V included). We kept it rolling for 3+ hours. We were told to keep it around IM threshold pace and for me, a slightly lower HR than my aerobic base pace. Unfortunately, when you get behind Trevor's wheel, you enjoy the ride a bit too much and that HR creeps up some on the rollers. It was my first hard ride back from my little knee pain I was experiencing and I took full advantage of being able to go FAST! Thanks Trevor!

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